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The article 10 of the law of December 31st, 1971 establishes the principle of freedom in the fixation of the fees of lawyers:

" The fees of postulation, of consultation, assistance, council, drafting of private legal documents and plea are fixed in agreement with the customer. "

According to the law, the fixation of the fees takes into account several parameters: the time required for the analysis and the treatment of the case, the difficulty of the case, the degree of technical difficulty, the importance of the interests in cause, the moral implications and the pecuniary advantages got for the client, the financial resources of the client, the diligences and the fame of the lawyer.

The agreement of fees: a legal obligation

The law of August 6th, 2015, being in effect since August 8th, 2015 imposes necessarily the signature of an agreement of fees except in case of emergency, of force majeure or for the interventions with the total legal aid.

Henceforth, considering obligations of the new law, no professional act can be performed until a fee agreement has been signed.

The agreement of fees is signed for the opening of the case and, according to the national internal rules of the profession of lawyer, the payment of a reserve on fees and costs  is compulsory before the fulfillment of any professional act.

The first consultation to Lawyers of AUBY-MASSOL is charged: 
  • 75 €HT (that is 90 €TTC, VAT in 20 % included) for the private individuals
  • 150 €HT (that is 180 €TTC, VAT in 20 % included) for the companies
Then, the fees are established after agreement between you and the Law Firm and are the object of bills.
In certain cases, all or part fees are taken care by your Insurance company.
The Law Firm applies different fees systems in accordance with the client’s requirements and the above-mentioned criteria : 
  • Hourly rate fees:  the Law Firm will indicate you the predictable number of hours necessary for the treatment of your case. 
  • Lump sum fees:  you can agree, at the beginning, on a global and inviolable remuneration. 
  • Success fees: Such fees are additional ones. In other words, those fees will be added to a basic remuneration, either a lump sum fee or fees based on time spent. Success fees correspond to a percentage of the gains obtained or saved by the client further to the intervention of the Law Firm in the framework of judicial proceedings or if the client completes with efficiency an economic or financial transaction. In any event, success fees will be subject to a written fees agreement. 

Considering the seniority of Mr. Florence AUBY, the hourly rate, in the context of consultations or time spent is 350 € HT.
The hourly rate of Me Emmanuelle MASSOL is 250 € HT.

Plusieurs modes de paiement sont possibles :
  • By check
  • By bank transfer
  • In cash


The ordinance n° 2015-103 of August 20th, 2015, relative to the extrajudicial regulation of the disputes of consumer and Decree n° 2015-1382 of 30 October 2015 on the mediation of consumer disputes establishes the right for every consumer to use free of charge to a consumer mediator for the amicable resolution of the dispute with a professional.  

The Client may seize the national mediator of the consumption of the profession of lawyer : 
  • Mr Jérôme HERCE
  • Adress: 30-32 rue OURS 76000 ROUEN
  • Email :

The client is informed that referral to the mediator can only be made after having first tried to resolve the dispute directly with the lawyer by a written complaint. 

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